The Dancers Take Their Places – Their Innovative Performance Sends Everyone Chills

Everybody who has ever been at a high school sporting event knows that there’s usually a half-time performance that is meant to entertain the audience during the break. It’s usually a talented student who has some experience singing, or the school’s dance team who takes care of planning this moment.
Generally speaking, the audience at these types of events enjoys watching the choreographed routines of talented students, and it’s really no surprise why. After all, a lot of work and effort go into planning these performances, and the result is usually an entertaining experience for everyone involved.
But what the students in the video below managed to do on stage takes things to a whole new level. You see, these talented dancers took advantage of the opportunity they had to appear in front of so many people, and used dance to convey an extremely powerful message.

As soon as the music began, it become pretty obvious to everybody that their moment won’t be just another choreographed routine to a typical pop song. The music that accompanied their routine was actually a very thought-provoking track called, “What Are You Afraid of” by Jon Jorgenson.
Their entire touching performance revolved a single question that will make you stop to think about your own life experience: “What room does fear have?”
Their moves blended in perfectly with the song’s powerful message, and enhanced it. All in all, this is surely not the typical half-time show you expect to see at a high school sporting event.

Take a look:

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