Injured Iraqi veteran Bill Campbell takes his dog, Pax, back to the women’s correctional facility where Pax was trained.

Dogs make our lives better, there’s no doubt about that. But for Iraqi veteran Bill Campbell, a dog is what made his life possible again. Following the extensive injuries he’s suffered in Iraq, the man returned home with 100% disability. His life had changed entirely and the man had a hard time seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Then, Pax, a beautiful Lab, entered his life and things slowly started to improve.
Pax has been preparing to help veterans like Campbell for a really long time, and the one who trained him was a woman at a correctional facility named Laurie. Laurie was the one who taught Pax all the things he needed to make other people’s life better.
As a thank you for giving his normal life back, Campbell decided to take Pax back to the center where he was trained at and be reunited with his trainer with whom he had spent such a considerable amount of time.
The video below captures the emotional reunion. As soon as the dog stepped in the facility, it was as if he started to remember things from his past. But nothing compares to the dog’s reaction when he sees Laurie again. You need to see this!

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