Identical twin girls look in each other’s eyes for the first time, have a priceless conversation

By now, the fact that twins share a special connection that goes well above and beyond the limits of logic is no longer a secret to anyone. But the characteristics of the relationship between twins are always getting new nuances and will never cease to impress us.
Some researchers claim that twins actually share some kind of psychic connection, or even feel each other’s pain. There’s no need for words in order for them to understand and communicate with one another.
Just by exchanging looks, they can interact with each other and even communicate feelings in a way we can’t fully understand. This ability is pretty obvious in the case of the twins in the clip below.
The adorable video captures their first conversation outside the womb and it’s something absolutely magical to watch.
The baby girls can’t get enough of staring at each other’s faces while they make all kinds of noises trying to make sense of the brand new world around them.
There’s no way of knowing what exactly they were trying to say to one another, but it definitely looks pretty important. Go ahead and check it out for yourself!

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