“I Could Hear The Noise And Feel The Movement Of The Skin Behind The Head.” I Had Maggots In My Head! The Whole Hospital Was Shocked !

A man from the United States lived an experience that marked his lifel.
He says it all started on a typical day like any other.

“I was in the garden, planting something, when suddenly I felt a strong, sharp pain behind the head. Thought it was something temporary, but as the minutes passed it became increasingly worse.”

After a week, the man began to feel changes on the skin on the back of the head : “I found that I have more swellings in the area, namely 5”. Moreover, he says that during the night, when he sat in bed, he heard noises in the area.

Worried, he immediately went to the doctor who gave him the news. The man had in his head parasitic worms, the larvae of a species of flies.

Fortunately it all ended well, and his health was not endangered. Watch the video below:

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