Hurricane Survivors Break into Gospel Song at Shelter, Spread Hope to Millions

The catastrophic flood in Texas has left thousands of people without a home and has taken dozens of lives. The damage is devastating, but even during the worst of times, the faithful people in the video below can still keep their heads up high and be faithful.
With a woman’s powerful voice guiding them, the hurricane survivors began singing a gospel song, and the images recorded at a Houston hurricane shelter are inspiring. With her beautiful voice, the Texas woman lifts spirits and brings smiles to her fellow evacuees.
These people are not sure what the future might bring to them and whether they will have a home to go back to, but they are able to encourage each other and embrace the reality with grace and dignity.
This is the true meaning of community and being there for one another during difficult times.
In the midst of trials and hardship, the true nature of the human spirits can rise above the noise and shine brightest. Make sure to share this beautiful and uplifting act of love with others, because with all the bad going on in Texas right now, we could also use to be more hopeful about the future.

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