Hoover The Tiger Is Finally Been Released After Living In Captivity For Years

For many people, going to the circus is an opportunity to see wild animals perform incredible tricks. It’s entertaining, exciting and spectacular. But all the glamour and excitement hides a terrible reality. Circus animals are often not well cared for. Some trainers use violence and punishment to train animals into submission.
Some animals spend their entire lives in small cages and without experiencing any sense of freedom. They are not loved for and treated like props in a show that is only meant to raise money. The truth might not be pleasant, but everybody who likes going to the circus needs to know that the circus is more than just popcorn and entertainment.
The tiger in the video below is a former circus animal. He spent many years travelling with a circus in Peru. According to rescuers, the tiger was kept in poor conditions. Fortunately, he and eleven other tigers were recently rescued and taken to a specialized facility in Florida. There, he started a new life. The tiger’s reaction as he was finally freed from its cage is the reason why animal circus should be banned. Everybody needs to see this, so make sure to share this clip!

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