Hilariously Creative Snowmen That Would Make Calvin and Hobbes Proud

If you spend winter in a place with snow, then chances are you are going to build a snowman at some point, especially if you have kids. The traditional way of building a snowman simply involves stacking a few balls of snow on top of each other and maybe stick a carrot instead of a nose and two pebbles to give your snowman eyes. There’s nothing fancy about it, really.
But if you want to make a special snowman this winter, you have to be willing to think outside the box and change things up a notch. You can easily turn an old, boring snowman into a work of art that you can later take photos of to impress your friends on social media.
All you need is some inspiration, and you can find plenty of that in the images below. From a social media addict version of a snowman to a Gulliver snowman, you’ll surely find an idea you can put into action this holiday season.
If you want to make your neighbors jealous with your creativity, making one of these snowmen will definitely help you with that. It’s hard to pick a favorite, all these snowmen are truly special and surely to stand out.









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