Helpless Dog Stuck in Pile of Snow, Suddenly Spots German Shepherd Lunging Towards Him

Dogs are not only men’s best friends but they are each other’s best friends as well. And nowhere is this more obvious than in the video below. In it, an incredible German Shepherd goes down to help a fellow dog trapped in a pile of heavy snow, and it might just be the best things I’ve seen all week.
The trapped dog was unable to lift her legs above the deep powder, and looked completely helpless when the German Shepherd and his owner Brian Wagner came across her. And just seconds later, the dog leaped into action. Taking advantage of his larger frame, the Shepherd started clearing a route to and from the trapped dog so they can both follow it back to the clear path.
It’s a known fact that dogs have an incredible kind and loyal spirit, but this really does take things to another level.
I’ve said if before, but it’s something worth repeating: there are many things we can learn from our canine friends, and kindness is definitely one of them. If you have any friends who love dogs, and I bet you have, then make sure to share this clip with them as well.

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