Heartbreaking Moment In Which A Father Sings To His Dying Son, A Few Minutes After His Mother Died Bringing Him Into The World! VIDEO

While he was in his mothers’ belly, James Lennon Pico always reacted to music, so his father, Chris, has made a first and final gift.Lennon’s mother, Ashley, died while gave birth before term. Chris noticed that his son reacts to music in the period in which he was in his mother’s belly. After the tragedy, Chris came to the hospital with a guitar and tried to cheer his son, reports The Mirror. Chris sat next to incubator and began to sing one of his favorite songs. In those moments, Chris knew that neither his son will survive and tried to make the few hours of his life enjoyable. The video was posted on YouTube where it was viewed in 24 hours over 200,000 times.Unfortunately, Lennon died a few hours after the heartbreaking moment. The video went viral.

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