Hear ‘Drummer Boy’ Like Never Before, In Spine-Tingling Performance of Christmas Classic

Everybody has their own taste in music, but there are some classic songs that we all enjoy listening to during Christmas time. The Little Drummer Boy is definitely one of those songs that no matter how often you hear them, you never get bored of.
Although the song has been around for many years now, it somehow always sounds fresh.
Still, if you’re looking for a new version of this Christmas classic, then you are in the right place. The Christian pop group King & Country just released a cover of the song, and it will make you want to instantly add it to your holiday playlist this year.
What is so great about this cover and what makes it special is the beating of the drums that give the song an unexpected twist. Of course, the skillful drummer is complemented by the wonderful voice of the group’s lead singer, and that mix between his soft voice and the sound of the drums is surprising in all the right ways.
This is like nothing else you’ve ever heard before, so make sure to share this incredible cover with all of your friends and family online.

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