Grandma is about to descend stairs, but what she hears from the car leads to funniest thing

You’re never excessively old, making it impossible to appreciate the sounds and rhythms of music, and a 88-year-old YouTube sensation is demonstrating that point. In January of 2014, Steven Pomeroy transferred a clasp to the video-sharing site that rapidly got the consideration of viewers. It’s since been seen about 900,000 times.

In the two-minute-long clasp, 88-year-old Nana ventures out onto the patio. The man who’s shooting sits in his auto in the garage and plays “Diversion Sue” uproariously on the stereo. With no faltering, Nana starts to move her way down the stairs. “I could move throughout the day,” she tells the driver as she gets into the auto.

Look at it underneath.

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