Girl’s Slow Motion Video Is Interrupted By Wasp

Most of us are on our phones constantly, and let’s face it, more than half of the time we are not actually doing anything important. In fact, most of the time we spend on our phones is dedicating to messing around with the features and making silly faces when taking photos. Now, if your phone has that slow-mo function, you know, the one that allows you to take videos in slow motion, you’ve probably filled your phone’s memory with flutter lips videos.
It’s a proven fact (maybe) that the first thing most people do when they discover the slow motion function on their phone is to take a video of them flutter their lips. In all fairness, the results are pretty funny, so I can definitely understand why people would be tempted to do that.
But you know what will make those video instantly more entertaining? If a wasp enters the shot! It happened to the girls in the video below. Their face expressions when they see the wasp in slow motion is most likely the best thing you’ll see today.
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