Farmer Noticed Dairy Cow Has Unique Talent. Her “Moves” Have Internet In Laughter

Everybody, meet Frieda! Frieda is an adorable cow and the star of the video below. You see, the cow has a very special talent that has turned her into an online sensation pretty much overnight.
In all fairness, this is clearly the work of a skilled and creative animation artist, but the thought of a cow dancing to the beat is enough to make us appreciate this video. The clip was released by a dairy farm and shows a cow tapping to her favorite jam in the middle of a beautiful venue. This commercial was first screened in New Zealand on May 3rd during the first ad break of Desperate Housewives and belongs to Cadbury.
The association of music and moves is skillfully made, and has already won the hearts of thousands of people from all over the world. More than one million people have watched the clip on YouTube alone.
If you need something to instantly put a smile on your face, then make sure to watch this clip, because there is no way you can watch it without laughing out loud. This gives the word milk-shake a whole new meaning. Take a look:

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