Husband Vanishes After 6 Weeks of Marriage – 68 Years Later, Wife Finally Learns the Truth

Peggy and Billie Harris got to live the kind of love story that most of us only see in the movies. And although they were only married for a month and a half, their incredible relationship is like nothing you’ve ever heard off.
Their love story started during a trembling time in history: World War 2. Billie was a fighter pilot when Eisenhower’s order to invade Normandy came in. Like many other soldier, Billie was forced to leave his wife Peggy and the rest of his family immediately and to go overseas and fight for his country, not knowing if he would ever come back…
Unfortunately, Billie never came home after that day, and the only thing his wife Peggy was left with were many unanswered questions.
Peggy hoped for a while that Billie got lost somewhere, but as years passed without her getting any new information, she started thinking about the worse and assumed Billie died in battle somewhere.
But she never knew for sure, as no one could provide her with a clear answer about what happened to her husband. Peggy stayed true to him all these years. She still visited her husband’s grave as often as she could, and made sure his memory lived on.
But it was only recently she was able to finally learn the truth about what her husband’s passing – and it was more than she could ever imagined.
As it turns out, the circumstances of her husband’s death were truly incredible. The man died doing a heroic thing, and recent discoveries prove it.
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