The Exterminator Wanted to Charge Me $200 To Rid the Ants. Then A Friend Showed Me A $2 Trick

They’re tiny, they’re pesky and they always come in large groups! I’m talking about ants. With spring here and rain becoming more and more frequent, these seemingly harmless little creatures are looking to take cover somewhere. And more often than not, that somewhere ends up being our homes.
No one likes having their homes invaded by ants. Once they are in, it’s extremely difficult to get rid of them. However, it’s hardly impossible. The first thing that comes to mind when dealing with this issue is probably to contact a professional exterminator.
Problem is that the cost can amass to at least a couple of hundreds of dollars. And why spend money when you can actually save money and get the same results, right?
As it turns out, there’s an easy and cost-effective way to get rid of ants fast. All you need to do is mix in a few common household ingredients that you probably already have around your home.
More precisely, you’ll have to mix 1 cup of warm water with1/2 cup of sugar and 2 tablespoons of borax together.
Borax is a 100% natural product that can successfully replace any expensive pesticides. It’s a solution found in many ant killing compounds, and you can get it pretty much from any big supermarket.
Once you’ve mixed all the above mentioned ingredients together, all you have to do is soak some cotton balls. Place these cotton balls in the areas around your house where you’ve seen ants and let them there overnight.
That’s pretty much all there is to it! Watch the video below for more info:

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