Every time you smoke, this is what you are actually consuming

According to recent statistics, the number of smokers throughout the world is thought to be close to one billion. If you are among the one billion people who start and end their day with a cigarette, then you probably know that cigarettes are bad for you.
But just how bad are they? And what exactly does a cigarette contain? The composition of a cigarette is very much a mystery for those who smoke it. Few of us can actually make sense out of that long list of ingredients we see on cigarette packages.
But maybe knowing the exact ingredients is the first step towards a smoke-free future. It’s important you know what you are actually putting in your body every time you smoke a cigarette so that you can make an informed decision whether you want to quit smoking or not.
The video below will show you the composition of a cigarette in detail, as well as the chemical additives which allow for increased absorption of nicotine.
If you have a friend, a family member or a loved one who is a smoker, make sure to share this information with him or her as well. This is important stuff every person who decides to be a smoker should know.

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