Easy Ways To Free Up Space On Your iPhone Without Deleting Photos

There’s nothing worse than wanting to take a picture, finding just the right angle and the right light, only find out you don’t enough room on your phone’s memory to actually take that picture. By the time you go into your photo gallery and find some photos to delete, the moment has already passed. Also, who wants to delete photos, right?
So how do you make sure you don’t waste any good photo opportunities?
Well, if you have an iPhone but never seem to have enough free space, then the video below is definitely for you. The clip demonstrates 7 easy ways to clear space on your phone without having to give up on your favorite photos which are already stored in your phone. This way, you can have the cake and eat it too (and take pictures of it, of course).
From deleting unused apps to clearing your browser history and data, these smart tips will ensure you won’t have to bother about running low on space storage when wanting to take pictures or download a new app.
Definitely wish I’d know this sooner. Some of your friends might feel the same, so make sure to pass on the info to them.

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