Dummy performs even when ventriloquist walks offstage. Wait until you see this unbelievable act!

America’s Got Talent has been airing for a long time now, and there have been some pretty exceptional performances along the way. The one in the video below is definitely among the best ones.
Paul Zerdin is an excellent ventriloquist whose skills have impressed both the judges and the people watching the show from their homes. Now, there are some pretty extraordinary ventriloquists out there, some of whom actually were featured on the show, who can do some pretty amazing things with their dummies on stage.
But have you ever seen a dummy move its mouth without the ventriloquist even being on stage? If not, here’s your chance.
At one point during his act, Paul actually walked offstage, and left the dummy alone on stage. But what the puppet did next left everyone with their mouths opened. The dummy actually started moving and talking on its own, and even made chitchat with one of the judges. As the cherry on top, the puppet proved it also has a great sense of humor.
This is definitely not something you see every day, so make sure you take a good look and don’t forget to share.

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