When he drops a giant rock off a 500 foot bridge, it makes the most satisfying sound

The Internet is a wonderful thing. Nowadays, there’s nothing you can’t find online. The videos you can find online range from those that make you say ‘Wow’ to those that makes you say “What the hell did I just watched?” The video below falls somewhere in the middle, I guess.
It’s one of those videos that are oddly satisfying to watch but somehow make you wonder why in the world anybody would take the time to record such a strange video.
Two guys decided to act on their curiosity and find out what kind of sound would a giant rock make when being thrown off of a tall bridge. So they went ahead and looked for the biggest rock they could get their hands on and dropped it off a bridge.
They made sure to record the whole thing, and for some reason, we’re glad they did. Otherwise, we might have never heard this kind of sound before. After dropping the big rock, the guys made sure they fled the scene sort of speak as soon as possible.
I’m not familiar with what the law has to say about dropping a huge rock into the water off a tall bridge, but this seems pretty illegal to me. Check it out:

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