Dozens Of Dancers Arrange In Huge Circle, But Watch Their Legs Move As Beat Starts To Change

Many high schools throughout the country have a dance team, but this one truly stands out. The all-women group of dancers combines awesome dancing moves with precise high-kick maneuvers that keep audiences on the edge of their seats throughout their performance.
Another key component that makes their act so impressive is their choice of outfits. The sparkly costumes are meant to create stunning visuals that may leave you scratching your eyes. Every single move in their performance was rehearsed to precision. This is no small feat considering there are over fifty girls who are a part of the Carroll High School Emerald Belles of Southlake, Texas.
These young ladies put a lot of time and effort into making sure all of their performances set the bar even higher and put them outside their comfort zones.
Their efforts didn’t go unrecognized, as these ladies are the favorite choice of entertainment for any major event taking place at their high school. Those present in the audience always know how to reward these hard-working dancers with endless applause and standing ovations.
This is definitely not your regular high-school performance, so make sure to share this high-energy performance with all of your friends and family online. Thanks for watching!

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