Dog Sneaks Out Of Kennel At Night To Comfort Crying Foster Puppies (WATCH)

Animals and dogs in particular have a thing or two they can teach us about kindness compassion, sacrifice, loyalty, and even excellent parenting. Dogs are incredibly kind not just towards us but also towards fellow animals. The staff at the Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming in Canada got a sample of canine compassion they will never forget.
One of the dogs at the shelter was spotted sneaking out of the kennel, not to search for food or anything like that, but to comfort foster puppies who were crying at night. The puppies most likely missed their mom and were having a difficult time adjusting to life in a dog center which can get pretty lonely.
The dog that let herself out of the kennel had recently lost her puppies, so when she heard the foster puppies crying in the night, her maternal instincts kicked in and she began breaking out of her kennel to be able to comfort the frightened puppies.
Whoever said dogs are not able to be compassionate and generous was seriously wrong. This dog is one of the best examples that prove that animals can sometimes be kinder and more human than we are.
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