Dog Adorably Convinces His Dad Not To Throw Out His Chewed Up Toy

Harvey, the charismatic canine, is the highlight of this heartwarming and amusing television commercial, showcasing the enduring power of friendship. Harvey’s owner contemplates discarding Harvey’s dearest friend, Rabbit – a well-loved stuffed toy that’s definitely seen better days. However, Harvey isn’t ready to say goodbye to his companion and uses a healthy dose of guilt to convince his human to keep Rabbit. After all, in a dog’s world, friendship is a forever commitment.

This isn’t Harvey’s first taste of fame, though. He initially stole the spotlight in the commercial “A Dog’s Campaign for Adoption”, where he impressively convinces a couple to take him home using his uncanny persuasive abilities. Undoubtedly, Harvey stands out as the most persuasive pooch in the world!

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