Doctors Expect Sick Grandma to Die, Then Find Her Living with Hunky Young Neighbor

Norma Cook, an 89-year-old woman, was diagnosed with leukemia, and was forced to spend two weeks in the hospital due to additional health problems. Doctors said there’s a very high chance that she wouldn’t live past the winter holiday. What’s more, she would need 24-hour care after being released from the hospital.
Norma was running out of options and people whom she could ask for help pretty fast. But then the unexpected happened. Norma received the help she so desperately needed from a person she barely even knew: her much younger neighbor.
The man is actually a famous actor with a huge heart. Chris Salvatore lives just across the hall from Norma, and heard about the difficult situation she was in. Without expecting anything in return, Chris decided to offer his help.
The man began raising funds for the woman’s medical care which involved some pretty high costs through a GoFundMe page. The response was incredible!
Hundreds of people expressed their willingness to help out. But Chris still didn’t feel like he done enough for the woman whom he now considers to be like a grandmother. The man wanted to make sure Norma had all the comfort she needed, so he offered her to come stay with him in his house.
Norma was overwhelmed by his kind invitation, and ultimately decided to say yes. Thanks to Chris who is taking great care of her, Norma is thriving, surviving more than the doctors had initially anticipated. But more importantly, she’s happy for having someone whom she can talk to so that she doesn’t feel lonely.
And Chris is determined to help her make the most of whatever time she has left. Here are some endearing photos of them two:

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