Diver rescues whale with anchor tied to it. Whale thanks him in spectacular fashion

Seeing a humpback whale in her natural environment just a few feet away from you is something not a lot of people get to experience in their lifetime. It’s only when you are that close to a whale that you get to feel just how majestic and incredible these creatures are.
A professional diver, James Moskito, got to catch a glimpse of a surfacing humpback whale while diving in the waters near the Farallon Island, off the coast of San Francisco.

But as he took a better look, he immediately noticed that something wasn’t right with the whale. The first indication that something was wrong was the fact that the whale was spending an unusual amount of time on the surface. You see, whales typically only surface to the water for a few seconds before going back underneath.

James soon found out that the reason the whale was spending so much time on the surface was because it desperately needed help. You see, the poor whale had a 3,000-pound anchor wrapped around its tail and body.

James knew he needed to act fast, and what followed was a dangerous, one-of-a-kind rescue operation. But it was all worth it in the end! Take a look:

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