Deployed Airmen Gather to Sing Popular Adele Song – At :26, They Cover Everyone in Goosebumps

By now, you’ve probably heard dozens of versions of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep via video. After all, it’s one of the most covered songs ever. But have you ever heard the song being performed by a group of talented deployed airmen?
If you haven’t, this is your chance. In the video below, several deployed airmen can be seen singing one of Adele’s top hits of all-time, and it’s one of the best things you’ll see today.
The men and women have gathered to celebrate one of their colleague’s birthday. And because it’s not much of a party without music, they decided to put their musical skills to the test and try singing a couple of songs to get everybody in the right mood.
Someone took a video of the entire moment and later posted it online.
They never expected their impromptu performance to get so much love and attention online, but it did, and we can’t say we’re surprised. It’s pretty incredible what they managed to do with just a couple of instruments and their powerful voices.
You see, when you are deployed, and you are away from your family, it’s important to try and make the most out of every joyful occasion just because they are pretty rare. This is what this video is all about.

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