Decorative Magnets on Refrigerators – Cancer Warning! Chances of Getting Cancer Raise By 87%!

Various specialists at Princeton’s University have found something alarming!.

For a few months, they were nourishing two groups of lab mice: the first group of lab mice was fed with items kept in a cooler, and the second gathering with items kept in a fridge too, however the second one had decorative magnets on its door.

The purpose of this test was to determine how electromagnetic radiation (that generated by the ornamental magnets from the door) affects food. Amazingly, thorough clinical studies concluded that the group of lab mice that devoured the “radiated” food had as much as 87% !!! higher chance to get cancer than the other group of lab mice.

lab mice

Incomprehensibly, no Governments or Health organizations have given any announcement on this study. However and in the event that something goes wrong, is recommendable to remove any beautiful magnet from refrigerators, and put it far away from any food.
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