Daddy’s Beautiful Voice Serenades His Baby Girl, But It’s Her Comeback That’s Lighting Up The Internet

When he’s not posing for magazines or acting, you’ll most likely find actor-model Dan Fowlks spending time with his adorable baby girl named Nova Lin. The young man recently shared a clip of him singing to his daughter, and the footage has instantly gone viral.
But it wasn’t dad’s incredible voice or his good looks that turned this clip into a success online. In fact, it was the baby girl’s reaction to his dad singing to her that is warming people’s hearts. As soon as the young dad starting to sing “Dream Lover” by Bobby Darin while also playing the guitar, the girl became noticeably more cheerful.
What’s more, she even did her best to move to the rhythm of the song and show dad just how much she appreciates his talent and him spending quality time with her.
It’s pretty safe to say the girl loved listening to her dad’s voice and she’s not the only one. The clip was viewed more than 11 million times since being published. Make sure you watch it too and don’t forget to share as well if you enjoyed this sweet daddy serenade as much as we did.

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