Daddy Asks Her To Sing Old MacDonald’s Farm, Then Gives Him A Version He’ll Never Forget

The little girl in the video below named Josie is only 2-years-old, but she already knows what she wants to do in this world. She wants to be a singer, and judging by the video below, she’s got every chances of succeeding.
First and foremost, she has the right personality! She is not the kind to shy away from the camera. In fact, it’s quite the opposite of that. Little Josie is always ready to put on a performance for her mom and dad.
So every time her dad takes out the camera, she already had a song prepared. In this particular video, Josie can be seen doing what has to be the most adorable version of Old MacDonald’s Farm.
My favorite part about this video is that after she gets past the part with the animal sounds, she pretty much just compresses the whole song to one line because she obviously just wants to get back to the good part and make animal noises again.
Make sure to watch this video until the end; there is a surprise there that is going to make it worth it! As always, we encourage you to take a few seconds and share this adorable clip with all of your friends and family on Facebook.

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