Dad Gets Out The Leaf Blower, Gets Fright Of His Life With What’s Lurking Underneath

Blowing the leafs that have piled up near your home is a pretty common household job that many homeowners have to deal with during autumn. But what used to be a boring task ended up with this dad on his back.
You see, the man was just minding his own business, trying his best to blow the leaves and get the job over with as soon as possible, but his wife and kids conspired to prank him and make sure that was a day he will never forget.
With mom skillfully filming the moment from the porch of the house, the family’s young kids jumped out from under the pile of leaves they were hiding in just as dad was approaching them with the leaf blower.
As you can imagine, dad didn’t expect two see two little heads popping from under the pile of leaves, so he reacted as I’m sure many of you reading this would as well. The man was so surprised that he literally fell on his back, much to the amusement of his kids and wife.
To take revenge, dad then turned the leaf blower in the direction of his kids. Take a look:

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