Crowd Forms around Elderly Couple at Mall. 30 Seconds In, Man’s Move Makes Everyone Scream

Most of us are afraid of getting older, but what we’re actually afraid is losing our independence and not being able to do the same fun things as when we are younger. While it’s true that certain things change with age, getting older doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy life and have fun.
The couple in the video below proves that, as long as your attitude is right and you stay positive, you can most definitely have fun at any age. The man and woman put quite a show in the middle of a major shopping center. Taking advantage of the fact that there was a DJ there, the couple decided to showcase their best dancing moves.
Dancing to one of their favorite songs, the two went all in, and soon, there was an entire audience who gathered to watch their impromptu show. The couple had the time of their lives dancing in front of all those people, and their appetite for life is downright inspiring.
I don’t know about you, but I hope I’ll be half as energetic and awesome when I’m their age. These two really know how to make the most out of life and live every second to the fullest.

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