Couples Fill Up The Dance Floor, Buts It’s The Tiny Dancers That Completely Steal The Show

Yasha Jeltuhin and Daniela Avanzini are just four and five years old, but they already have a pretty good idea of what they want to do for the rest of their lives, and that is dance. The two incredible toddlers share a passion for dancing, and together they are one of the youngest dancing duos in the world.
At an age where most kids spend all their free time playing with their friends in the park, these two keep practicing to perfect their moves for several hours a week. And the results are impressive, as you’ll see by watching their performance captured in the video below.
It’s obvious that they are not only good dancers but also great entertainers. They know how to keep an audience captivated, which is why they opted for a rather intricate, high-energy Cha Cha routine that got people really excited.
The two twisted, dipped, and spun in near perfect unison, and the best part is they did it while always keeping a big smile on their faces. They clearly feel comfortable performing for large groups of people and being the center of attention.
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