Couple Sees Crying Man Forced to Throw Package in Airport Trash. Then They Secretly Fish It Out

Social media is not only for sharing pictures of your cat or stalking old boyfriends and girlfriends. A lot of good can be done thanks to kindhearted strangers willing to help other strangers just because that’s the right thing to do.
A Tampa’s woman post in which she described a heartbreaking scene she and her boyfriend witnessed at an airport went viral – and it’s all for the right reasons. The woman saw a man forced to throw out his granddaughter snow globe by airport security because of the liquid inside.
As you probably know, liquids that come from outside the airport are not allowed in the small carry-on. And airport security couldn’t make an exception, although the man begged them to let him keep the snow globe which had a tremendous emotional value to him.
The woman was deeply touched by the scene, so she decided to dig it out from the trash. Then, she went online to share what she saw with others. Now, thanks to the amazing power of social media, the snow globe is back in the right hands.
The man’s reaction as he is handed the snow globe is just too good for words. Take a look:

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