A Couple Captures Every Moment of Their Cats Watching Them Eat

Cats…Whether you love them or not, you can’t be but be fascinated by them. They have a certain charm that can’t be ignored. Well, these two cats are just as adorable and interesting as any other cats (if not more), but they are a little bit different than most of the other cats you might have been used of seeing up until now.
There’s a certain thing about their appearance that make them truly special, and just not like other felines.
Dora and her brother Felix were found wandering along the roadside in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia. They were only a few weeks old, and had little chances of surviving on their own.
Fortunately, a kind-hearted couple found them and took them in to offer them a forever, loving home. But soon after they got home, the couple noticed something strange about their eyes.
Their eyes didn’t exactly look as they should. So the couple immediately contacted their local RSPCA (NSW) to ask about what could have caused it. The experts confirmed what they saw. “Dora and her brother Felix were harassed with an uncommon and debilitating eye condition,” RSPCA NSW said.
In other words, the cats were born without their eyelids. The cats needed immediate corrective surgery. Otherwise, it would have been just a question of time until the cats would have gone blind.
Fortunately, the cats received the surgery they needed, and now, the cats have new lids on both their eyes. This means that there are no more obstacles in their way anymore. The cats can now enjoy their new lives to the fullest.








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