Cop Pulls Over Armed Driver, Sees Little Girl Crying and Tells Her to Get in His Car

Officer Collins was at work and, as usual, he was patrolling the Frisco, Texas area. During some point in his day, the police officer pulled over a truck driver named Michael Harris. The first thing the man did when Colling approached his vehicle was to mention the fact that he had a gun inside his car.
Then he asked permission to reach for his gun permit to show it to him. It was all pretty standard procedure, so the police officer just issued him a ticket and was getting ready to let him go.
But just as he was about to do that, he noticed a little girl sleeping in the back of the truck. His immediate thought was that it was pretty uncommon for a truck driver to travel with a young girl in his car. And when the girl started crying as she was waking up, Collins knew something wasn’t right.
But the reason the girl was crying wasn’t because she was in any danger. The truck driver was her dad, and the man explained that the reason she started crying was because she has come to be afraid of police officers due to all the violent cases shown in the media where police officers have shot black people.
“She’s seen a lot of stories on the news and one time she asked me why black people and white people are killing each other. I didn’t know what to say,” Michael said. Collins knew right away that he needed to do something to help the little girl change how she looked at police officers.
So together with her dad, he come up with a plan to help her overcome her fears. Here’s what happened:

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