Claire Informs Daddy She’s Going To Sing A “Sad” Song. Result Is Melting Everyone’s Heart

Claire Ryann, the immensely talented little girl in the video below is no stranger to viral videos that get millions of views. Claire has been releasing videos where she sings famous songs alongside her father ever since she was three years old.
Together, they created wonderful renditions of Disney songs, and Claire even got a chance to record songs in a professional studio as well as appear in her very own music clip. Now that the little girl is five years old, she’s ready to tackle more serious songs which have a certain emotional weight to them.
In the clip below, you can listen to Claire and her talented dad do a rendition of a famous song featured in the hit musical “Annie,” and it’s something that will most likely bring tears to your eyes. Claire wasn’t intimidated by the heavy composition and the high notes of the song, and with continuous support from her dad, Claire managed to carry the song through to the end.
The passion with which this little girl approaches every single one of her songs is downright surprising, especially considering her age, so please take a second to share this with others who might appreciate it.

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