She claims she gave Denzel Washington his first library card. Then he shows up on her birthday

Denzel Washington is now among the Hollywood elite and one of the most well-known actors in the world. Considering his international fame and success, it’s hard to imagine Denzel as a regular 7-year-old boy living a normal life that most of us can relate to.
But Denzel Washington wasn’t always the widely successful actor he is today. Back when he was a young boy growing up in New York, he had more mundane things on his mind. Like most of us did as children, Denzel got a library card at a local library. The woman who handed it was Connie Mauro, a woman who spent 50 years working as librarian.
When she met young Denzel, there was no way she could have known she met a major star in the making. But after almost five decades, Connie still remembered his name. And on her 99th birthday, thanks to a few kindhearted people who knew Connie wanted one more chance to give Denzel a hug and social media, Connie got an unexpected surprised.
Denzel Washington paid her a visit at the nursing home where she currently lives.

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