Children Who Took Things Way, Way Too Literally

There’s no denying that kids have a different way of seeing the world. For the most part, it’s adorable and it leads to us grownups actually learning something new or seeing things in a whole new light. However, it also makes it harder for parents to get their kids to do certain things. They simply have their own interpretation of the world.
This leads to two very common scenarios. One: kids don’t fully understand what it is that they are supposed to do, and they end up doing the exact opposite. Two: they take your instructions way too literally. The pictures you are just about to see are examples that perfectly illustrate scenario number two.
1. Mom was trying to fix the computer to make it go faster, so her son brought her his Sonic the Hedgehog teddy to help her speed things up inside the computer.

2. This school was having a “Bring A Fish To School,” but someone apparently forget to mention the fish needs to be alive.

3. This is what a 4-year-old thinks a New Year’s Eve toast is.

4. How kids play with their dogs nowadays.

5. This mom told her daughter that she could only eat half the grapes if she wasn’t that hungry. And this is what happened next.

6. Warren has a pretty realistic way of seeing the world. You can’t say he was wrong, though.

7. His mom told him to go play outside for a change. Literally speaking, he did what she said. But chances are this is not what mom had in mind.

8. This is what happens when you tell a kid to put a jar of water in the dog’s bowl.

9. This kid wasn’t allowed to set foot outside the house. Judging by this image; he will be a great lawyer someday.

10. Well, this is one way of using chopsticks.

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