Chef Rubs a Raw Tomato On a Cheese Grater, The Most Mouthwatering Part Is Yet to Come

If you love pasta, in all shapes and sizes, then chances are you are always looking for new recipes to impress your family and guests and, of course, satisfy your own appetite and cravings.
Well, if you are looking for a new delicious recipe to add to your “repertoire,” you’ve definitely come to the right place. By watching the video below, you will learn how to make fresh, flavorful tomato sauce that you can then pair with your favorite type of pasta.
Why spend money on store-bought sauce that is full of additives and all kinds of ingredients whose name we can’t even pronounce when you can make your own? Don’t worry, it’s actually a lot easier than you think.
To get started, you will need: a box grater, a large mixing bowl, a sharp knife, and a cutting board. It’s important to use ripe, in season tomatoes for this recipes, because they are packed with flavor and also easier to grate.
Cut each tomato in half and use the box grater to grate the tomatoes into the mixing bowl. The hard part is over! All there’s left to do is adding some olive oil and seasoning the sauce as you see fit!
Here are the full instructions:

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