These Cats Notice The TV, But When They See Whats Playing… Just WATCH Their Reaction!

Cats are instantly drawn to things that move. Whether we’re talking about toys that have batteries and move across the floor to mice, it will immediately get a cat’s attention.
The two adorable kittens in the video below are absolutely mesmerized by the tennis ball moving between the two players at a tennis game that was being broadcasted on television. Bot kitten appears to have locked their eyes on the ball, and the images are going viral.
Just like tennis crowds do when watching a game from the sidelines, these two kittens can be seen shifting their heads side to side. Only it’s a lot more adorable when the cats do it!
With their heads looking up and down from below a big TV screen, the kittens make sure they always keep their eyes on the ball. The felines look so focused that only a dog stealing their food would probably distract them from the game. You don’t have to big a cat fan to admit these cats would be great playing the shell game.
If these two kittens don’t manage to brighten up your day and put a smile on your face, nothing will. Take a look and don’t forget to share.

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