Her cat was sitting on the porch when an eagle swoops in. What happened next? Whoa!

It’s pretty common knowledge that cats are not likely to make friends easily. Unlike their canine counterparts, felines are simply more particular when it comes to choosing those they allow near them. Cats have no problem spending time alone, and it’s easy to guess that they would much rather be alone than in bad company.
Also, cats don’t get easily intimidated. What they sometimes lack in size, they more than make up for in personality. So even if they get in an argument with let’s say a bigger dog, they are more than capable to stand up for themselves. In fact, chances are they will end up being the winner.
However, every once in a while, another animal comes along that further tests cats’ ability to basically act cool no matter what. The video below shows what happens when an eagle and a cat come face to face. The result is most likely not what you’d expect.
If there’s someone that can finally intimidate cats, that has to be the eagle! Do you think this majestic bird can give cats a run for their money or not? Check out the video below and find out!

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