Bus Cam Records as Driver Grabs Terrified Boy. Children Watch Helplessly as Time Runs Out

It’s not something that generally crosses people’s minds, but when you stop to think about, every time you get into a bus, you’re basically trusting other people with your own life, right? I’m not only taking about the person driving the bus but also other passengers as well.
The video below captures the moment a bus driver and passengers work together to save the life of a terrified 5-year-old boy – and the footage is going viral.
The bus was filled with kids, so the bus driver was even more cautions than usual and checked up on them as often as she would get a chance. That’s how she noticed that kids were getting anxious in the back of the bus.
And then she heard a scream: one of the kids was chocking, and time of quickly running out. But the woman bus driver didn’t panic. Instead, she calmed herself down and managed to clear the boy’s airways so that he could breathe. As it was later revealed, the boy had ingested a penny while joking around with his friends.
The woman’s quick thinking and determination to help her passengers was what saved that boy’s life. Please share this with others!

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