Bullies Pull Cruel Prank On Girl at Homecoming. Ellen Fires Back with ‘Crowing’ Ceremony of Her Own

It’s hard to be a teen these days. Being a teenager today is actually a lot harder than it’s ever been. Why? Well, just stop for a minute to think about it. It’s never been easier to post and spread lies and rumors about someone because of the Internet and social media networks.
Kids and teens can be bullied over the Internet, which means that in the case of a victim, the bullying never stops. There’s no such thing as a safe space they can go to if they want to get away from it all. Privacy is almost non-existent.
Also, everything you do is documented forever. We’ve all made mistakes when we were younger, whether it was getting too drunk at a party or making a bad fashion choice. But unlike in the case of kids today, proofs of those mistakes aren’t forever documented.
Mary teens today are cruel, sometimes as a result of their own insecurity and fears of becoming a target. The girl named Lillian in the video below knows firsthand just how cruel other teens can be. One of the girl was nominated to be homecoming queen as prank.
A few of her colleagues decided to do this as a bad joke, and when Lillian found out that her nomination was actually just another way kids at school used to make fun of her, she was completely broken.
But luckily, that’s not how this story ends.
Ellen found out what had happened to her and decided to do something to surprise her and show her that people can be kind and loving as well. What she did for her is truly special. Take a look:

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