Budweiser Clydesdales Demonstrate Why You Shouldn’t Start Snowball Fights with A Horse

I think most of you reading this can agree that one of the best parts about winter is all the beautiful snow. No matter your age, chances are you’re very much looking forwards to those snowball fights with your friends and family.
Snowball fight are fun, festive, and you can also get a good cardio workout in thanks to them. But have you ever thought how would a snowball fight between horses look like? Well, someone did, and the result is a beautiful commercial that is still getting plenty of love and attention on social media, more than 10 years after being released. And it shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

Budweiser’s Clydesdale Horses Commercial from 2005 shows some beautiful and funny horses have a snowball fight on a magical scenery, and it’s enough to put a giant smile on your face. If you like snow and horses, then chances are this will become your favorite commercial.
If you’re in need of a quick laugh, then this is definitely the right video for you.
As an additional benefit of watching this perfect winter wonderland commercial, now you know that you should never ever throw snowballs at horses.

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