Breaking: Legendary Jazz Singer Al Jarreau Dies At Age 76

Legendary jazz singer and winner of no less than seven Grammy Awards Al Jarreau had passed away on Sunday at age 76. The sad announcement was made by his longtime manager Joe Gordon.
Jarreau died at a hospital in Los Angeles where he was receiving medical care for the past few days. The jazz singer had recently announced his retirement from the public scene claiming he was suffering from exhaustion.
According to inside sources quoted by TMZ, the famous singer died in the presence of a few close family members and friends early Sunday morning, at approximately 5:30 AM.
Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Al Jarreau gained international fame and recognition thanks to his distinct voice in jazz. He received a Grammy Award in 1977 for his iconic album entitled “Look to the Rainbow”, which is regarded as one of the best jazz albums in history.
Shortly after that he released Breakin’ Away, which was his most commercially successful album since. After a career that stretched over the course of several decades, Jarreau slowed down in the last few years but refused to retire from the industry altogether.
He will be deeply missed, but he will continue to live on through his music.

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