Brave teen saves a woman’s life after hearing scream at Dollar General

The way we react under pressure says a lot about who we are. Sure, we all hope we would be able to do the right thing and act courageous if the situation asks for it, but the truth is that few people can actually put others in front of them and be a hero in dangerous, life-threatening situations.
The high school student in the video below proved that age has nothing to do with bravery. What he did for a woman in danger has helped him gained the respect of everybody who heard his story.
The 18-year-old was heading home after Bible study and stopped at a local Dollar General to get a soda. Without him knowing it, he had stepped right into a dangerous situation. The teen heard a bloodcurdling scream coming from the store. But instead of panicking and running out of the store like most of us would have done, he decided to help the woman who was screaming.
The attacker was standing over the woman who was severely injured. The attacker was armed, so things could even further escalate. Somehow, the teen managed to pull the attacker away from the woman until the police got there.

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