Boy talks to mommy’s belly, but ‘Conversation’ takes unexpected turn moment baby responds

When Cassidy Patterson found out that she was pregnant with her second child, she was ecstatic, but immediately started to worry about how her older son will react to finding out that he will no longer be the youngest member of the family.
As most moms in her situation do, Cassidy was concerned that her boy won’t like having to share the spotlight and compete for attention once the new baby arrived. So she wanted to make sure that the boy starts to bond with his baby sister as soon as possible.
The mom encouraged him to talk to the baby through her belly, and now the result is going viral. The little 3-year-old boy is absolutely fascinated by the fact that there’s a tiny baby inside mom’s belly, and as you can imagine, he had a lot of question about it and how the baby ended up in there in the first place.
What’s more, the boy can’t take his eyes off his mom’s belly whenever the little baby girl starts to kick. Watch this video to see the boy’s hilarious reaction to his sister kicking and don’t forget to share it with others as well!

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