Teen Boy Starts Dancing with Young Lady. But Watch the Girl Behind in The Curtains

Many teens these days spend a large part of their free time on social media, texting their friends or watching YouTube videos. But the boys and girls in the video below chose to spend their time in a different way.
Their biggest passion is Irish dancing, a sport that takes up a lot of their time and energy. But although they obviously have to make certain sacrifices, they are committed to make this type of dancing more popular among teens with their incredible competition performances.
And, if you ask me, they are definitely on the right track. In addition to their perfectly choreographed routines, these teens have a strong passion for Irish dancing that is downright contagious.
They clearly love what they do, and that translates into how they act on stage. Always with a smile on their faces, these teens get really involved into their performances and always give it their best.
Nowadays, Irish dancing isn’t as popular and as widespread as it was a decade ago when Riverdance was a worldwide phenomenon, but with young talent like this, it has every chance of making a strong comeback.
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