These Are the Best Magic Vines of 2016

Back in the days, magicians wore goofy hats and tailored suits. They had sexy assistants and traveled everywhere with a cage full of doves. At least that’s how I used to picture them when I was a kid.
Well, times have definitely changed. The modern magician is tech-savvy, has editing skills, is active on social media and checks his YouTube views on a daily basis. Suits are no longer a thing. The tricks are a lot different as well. And for the most part, they’ve gotten better.
And since we’re talking about awesome magic tricks, it doesn’t get more awesome than the tricks you are about to see in the video below.
Zach King is probably one of the most popular magicians today. The American Vine star, film-maker and YouTube personality is best known for his magic vines that manage to raise millions of views on YouTube alone.
The video below is a great compilation of some of Zach King’s best magic vines. It’s really amazing how much video editing can resemble magic. Take a look and don’t forget to share this cool video with all of your friends and family online!

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