Beautiful Redhead Decides To Cut Her Long Hair. New Look Leaves Her Completely Unrecognizable

For the longest time, women with long hair have been considered by many to be more feminine and even more attractive.
And it has made many women want to grow their hair as long as possible. You see, when you’re a girl, your hair is a like a comfort blanket that gives you more confidence to go out in the world.
But as women become more empowered and come into their own, they start to see hair as what it really is: a personal choice. Hair is just that; hair. It doesn’t shape your identity and it shouldn’t influence what others think of you.
And as more and more women begin to realize this, they feel more liberated to make their own choices and wear the hairstyle that they feel like wearing, without caring too much about what others think or say about it.
What’s more, making a drastic change like cutting your hair really short can actually help you reinvent yourself and open up the door to new changes, exciting changes in life.
Watch the woman in the video below give up her long locks in favor of a bold, short pixie cut, and see how a simple haircut can inspire a change in attitude:

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