This Baby Is Upset. Now, Watch How the Dog Takes Control Of The Situation – Hilarious!

Babies are definitely adorable and it’s just a joy and blessing to be around them. However, like all parents will tell you, babies cry, and they cry a lot. In fact, they can sometimes drive you insane with their crying. A baby who won’t stop crying no matter what you do is bound to test anybody’s patience.
No matter how calm you are as a person, when a baby cries, it will drive you insane sooner or later. That’s true for pets as well. Just like us, pets enjoy having some peace and quiet without having a baby screaming in their ears all of the time.
What we have in the video below is a common example of a baby who starts crying for no obvious reason. And the one that has to listen to it is an adorable pup. But the dog has found a smart way to prevent the baby from going full out with his crying. As soon as the infant starts to cry, the dog also starts making some strange noise to compete with the baby’s cry. The crazy thing is that it seems to work out pretty well.
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